Marriage is meant to be life's most fulfilling relationship.
More often than not, it's also the most challenging.

Life transitions, parenting, addictions, affairs, health problems, trauma and other issues can pressure our marital relationship, causing us to feel stuck, insecure, distressed, living parallel lives...and worse.  On the surface, we wonder if it is the constant communication mishaps, or the emotional distance in the relationship, or the perpetual disagreements with our spouse.  These tensions in our marriage leave us feeling disconnected, disappointed and helpless.

In counseling, we will work on restoring connection in the marital relationship by understanding what is happening both inside and between you (emotionally, physically and spiritually).  We'll discover new ways to engage and connect meaningfully, leading to a renewed sense of unity, authenticity, and intentionality in your relationship.  Counseling can be that much needed breath of fresh air that opens up a different perspective and begins the work of reclaiming how you were meant to live in marriage: wholeheartedly.

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